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Woodfloor Heating
Warm floors
Digital Multimeter for testing
Installation guide for installing under laminate/wood heating
Electrical Work

The electrical provision is made by your local electrician or installer - the photographs show the before & after with a solid wall, but hollow 'plasterboard' walls are usually less work.
1 Firstly the highly efficient 6mm Depron insulation is laid out & taped down over your existing sub floor. If possible 2 layers (12mm in total) are recommended in conservatories or un-insulated floors. The Depron effectively replaces the standard underlay required for wood & laminate 'floating floors'
2 Next the carbon heating film is rolled out in accordance with the plan/drawing supplied with the kit
3 Next small 'cut outs' are made in the Depron so that the cable connections sit 'flush' with the floor
4 Then the floor sensor probe is fitted to measure the floor temperature
5 Next the pre-connected cables are laid around the edge of the room to meet at the connection box point.
6 The cables are then connected together at the junction box which connects to the thermostat & power
7 Finally you are ready to lay out the plastic moisture sheet (supplied) & your new wood or laminate floor, paying attention to the manufacturers fitting instructions & recommended expansion gaps etc.

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The Video is not meant as a replacement for our Instructions that come with your Kit, it is there to help and guide you.