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Which System do you need?

If you are new to underfloor heating, selecting the right system can at first seem a daunting task, however we have designed a simple matrix below to help you with your options:

"Our team has a vast amount of experience & if you would like any free, no-obligation advice, or if you would like us to help you choose the right system for you, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone:- 0800 881 8097, fax:- 0115 9632317or email:- E-mail. Or if you live close by why not bring your plans into our showroom for a face-to-face advice!"

Underfloor heating Helpdesk
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Under-tile heating (floor warming)

Under-tile heating cable/cable mat on un-insulated concrete floor - recommended for floor warming only without insulation.
Under-tile heating on wooden sub-floor

Floor Section Cables
Under-tile heating cable/cable mat on timber sub-floor
Under-tile heating on concrete sub-floor

Conservatory Heating
Under-tile heating showing cable/cable mat on un-insulated
concrete floor using tile-backer insulation board
Underfloor heating below wood/laminate floor
Laminate/Wood floor Heating
Underfloor heating in joisted floor
Carbon Joist floor
Underfloor heating for vinyl/carpet
Undercarpet heating
Underfloor heating suitable for other floor coverings (vinyl/carpet etc)
In Screed Underfloor Heating Cable
In Screed Heating
The in-screed cable system is a low cost solution for new builds & extensions where a new sand & cement screed is being poured. This cable is also ideal for use below thick stone & flagstone type flooring.
If you are unsure about anything to with your underfloor heating, anything at all we will help.
No matter how silly or simple the question.
We understand Underfloor Heating can seem quiet Alien at first but is actually a very simple process, after all the Romans were using it over 2000 year's ago.

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